About Us

Canada has a rich history and strong tradition in wildlife hunting. For many Canadians, hunting is a primary method of food gathering, a way to bond with friends and family, and a cultural right. We believe in a regulated and monitored hunting environment that maintains a healthy balance of the wildlife population. We support the tradition of hunting and strongly believe that it should be treated with respect to the environment and wildlife at all times.

OpenHunting provides a means to facilitate your hunting experience in Canada. We bring the hunting regulations, schedules, deadlines, and general hunting information right to your mobile device. No more back-and-forth page flipping through the regulations and time-consuming planning iterations. With OpenHunting on your mobile device, browsing the schedules and regulations has become enjoyable and intuitive.

Our goal is to ultimately create a nation-wide hunting community of respectful hunters, a platform for planning, sharing, and organizing your hunting adventures, and a database of hunting information built on the expertise and knowledge of its members. OpenHunting aims to deliver an open and trusted network.